SUVs Are Going Electric

Surprisingly to many, electric vehicles and cars are not very recent discoveries in the automobile industry.  In fact, they gained a considerable amount of popularity during the latter part of the 19th century towards the early part of the 20th century.  Its popularity declined when cheaper gasoline was made available.  The public’s attention on electric vehicles would time and again be captured as concerns about rising oil prices and environmental effects continue to plague mankind.  When talk goes to finding viable options to the traditional internal combustion vehicles, the electric car has always been a standby option.

electric rav4 from toyota and teslaAn electric car relies on its batteries for power as opposed to the conventional vehicle which uses gas (or a hybrid-electric SUV, that uses a combination of them both).  Continuous power is supplied by plugging the battery for recharging for a specific number of hours depending on the required charge.  At an average, owners of electric cars need to recharge their batteries every day or every two days.  What they expect to get is a cleaner, quieter, and greener driving option.

The proposed electric SUV is to operate on the same basic electric car technology with some adjustments to accommodate its bigger size.  The hunt is still on to find the most efficient battery technology that can ably support the vehicle for long term use.  The price of an electric SUV is expected to be almost double the price of a non-electric version.

Electric SUVs should be gracing the market by 2012 at a price ranging anywhere from $45,000.00 to $220,000.00.  The hope of seeing a lower price tag on electric SUVs largely depends on finding ways to lowering the cost of electric charging and lessening maintenance costs.  These are primary considerations since it would obviously require more charging time to provide power to an SUV compared to regular-sized cars.  Electric SUV proponents however, maintain that the calculated costs are still lower than gas cost, thus the relevance in pursuing the option.

Using the current electric car technology, electric SUVs shall use an electric motor to perform the functions usually performed by an internal combustion engine.  The electric motors are powered by rechargeable battery packs installed in the vehicle.  Recharging is done through the use of an on-board charger which can be plugged to a standard outlet in the house as well as designated recharging stations.

Since it was first introduced, electric cars have been battling more or less the same obstacles – limited travel distance, high cost of battery, length of charging time, and the actual lifespan of the battery.  Innovations through time appeared to have remedied some of these concerns but electric car manufacturers know that they still have a long way to go in making cars like the electric SUV a real everyday option to consumers.

Developments in the battery technology are quite encouraging and are expected to be utilized to its fullest by the automobile industry.  A higher priced electric SUV can work out to be a better option if it can provide the typical needs of large families while offering a balance in cost with less need for regular maintenance.  Clearly still, the success of the option hinges on coming up with a battery that can support an electric SUV’s weight and anticipated performance.

Reliable and fast charging systems also comprise the required essential support for an electric SUV.  The capacity of the grid connection can limit the charging capability of the vehicle.  This is a specific area which has to be swiftly developed to encourage consumers to opt for the electric car considering the small amount of time required to put in gas.  A comprehensive recharging infrastructure supported by both public and private agencies can ease to a large extent the concerns of drivers of not being able to reach their destination before battery energy runs out.

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